Working Less & Doing More – Part 1

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Companies today expect more work from fewer people. This creates an action orientation that is driven by checklists of tasks. Some of us get lulled into doing low-priority work that has little value just to get it off our list of “to-do’s”.

There is an easy solution!!

Beware; You Will Have To Change Your Current Behavior!!

Prioritize Your Tasks to Focus On the Important Work

  • Circle the three to five most important projects or tasks on your list that require your attention today.
  • Now commit to spending ten-minute increments on each. And, immediately start working on the first one. When the ten minutes are up, stop where you are and move on to the second task. Repeat until you’ve made it all the way through the list of circled tasks. Now take a ten-minute break.
  • Commit for fifteen or twenty minutes each task/project this time (whatever your tolerance for change can take), and do it again.
  • Take another break, then commit for 30 minutes per task/project. And so on.
  • When you know you’ll be working such a short burst of time, any resistance you have is more likely to disappear. Moreover, since your brain knows you’ll be hitting all your important projects, rather than obsessing about what you’re not doing, you can focus completely on each task in sequence.

Speed processing your tasks is not multitasking! Never try to do two things at once, don’t respond to interruptions, and give 100% focus to each task as you work.

You’ll soon find yourself working less, doing more, and leaving early enough to go home and have a wonderful life.

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