Working Less and Doing More – Part 3

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Conquer Your Technology: Get a Divorce

Our last great productivity tool is also the biggest destroyer of productivity: technology.

Beware; You Will Have To Change Your Current Behavior!!

Silence It or Close It and Maintain Focus!!

  • Close all applications on your computer and smart phone that do not pertain to work. Save these “fun” and “distraction” apps for later when you are on lunch or have left work.
  • When you have tasks that require computer time, stop to think a bit before you open your computer. Make a list of what you need to do during your computer time.

 Now you know your computer time schedule.
  • Do one task, then, stand up and step away from the computer. Get a drink. Remind yourself the task is done. Put the tool down. Don’t access a game, Facebook or email unless it is scheduled time.
  • Then come back, do the next task, and so on. Rather than being a distraction creator, your computer can return to being a useful tool.

You’ll soon find yourself working less, doing more, and leaving early enough to go home and have a wonderful life.

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