Working Less and Doing More – Part 2

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With large offices of cubicles and common areas, comes the opportunity to drop in and visit others easily. People stop by your desk with urgent issues and questions and expect you to respond immediately.

Beware; You Will Have To Change Your Current Behavior!!

Delay Distractions and Maintain Focus!!

  • Be prepared! Create an interruption list. When visitors arrive with a distraction, jot down the details on your interruption list. “Vacation dates for 2016 – call Peter”
  • If it’s an emergency, of course you deal with it then and there; but, if not, you schedule the interruption.
  • Choose a block of time, preferably late afternoon, perhaps 4 p.m. Schedule a half hour for “interruption catch-up.” Tell your co-worker, “I’m busy right now. How about if I get back to you around 4 p.m.?”
  • When your catch-up time arrives, run through the list and handle the interruptions.
  • If your office generates a lot of interruptions, and you still need time to focus, you may schedule multiple interruption times in a single day. Then you defer any given interruption to the time block that seems most reasonable.

Telling your co-worker that you’ll have to defer his or her need until later can be done with respect. Use a calm, gentle tone. Frame your message in terms of your work needs and their benefits. “I’m currently working on this weeks payroll and need to give 100% of my time and attention to it at present. I’ll put you on my calendar for 4 p.m.”

You’ll soon find yourself working less, doing more, and leaving early enough to go home and have a wonderful life.

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