Volunteers Are My Cup Of Tea

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I never realized…

Most of my work life I led or followed salaried, hourly and contract employees. I never realized the difference leading and following volunteers could make!

With employees there was always a need to demonstrate and justify how changes would benefit them, the customer, the organization, etc. And even then, only some of them would truly engage and commit to the journey.

With volunteers it’s significantly different. They already have an understanding of the ‘cause’ or ‘reason’ for the change. They offer to lead or follow depending on the need at the time. Of course, not all volunteers are this eager, but I have found most to be engaged, interested and willing to commit time and effort to help achieve the shared outcomes we all have in common.

Volunteers may initially appreciate or need the sharing of the ‘greater good’ that underlies the ‘cause’, but they don’t question it or need to be reminded every little bit. They already own it and value it without constant communication. Not to say, I haven’t found the need to help them regain focus occasionally, but their energy and engagement tend not to flag.

This is not to say that many employees aren’t committed and invested in the organizations they work for; it’s just that the percentage that are seem small compared to my experience with volunteers.

Volunteer, if you have never had the experience, and learn firsthand!!!

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