Team Collaboration – 10 Tips

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Team Collaboration – What Does It Really Mean?

Everybody talks about it, and few actually experience it themselves or they would explain it with much more depth of understanding.

High performing teams require members who:

  1. Give trust and receive trust from others because they earn it every day.
  2. Prove their integrity through doing what they say they will do – every time, on time.
  3. Make other team members successful by protecting them from failure through:
    • Deep inquiry about plans to assure solidity
    • Suggesting new and alternative ideas/options
    • Asking and delivering support/help
    • Sharing learning, experiences and helping explore unknown territory
    • Sharing resources to assure success
  4. Compete constructively to assure stretch goals and targets are achieved.
  5. Believe and act in ways that achieve a singular WIN for the team.
  6. Deliver transparent messages that contribute to understanding.
  7. Disagree constructively inside the room and actively support the team consensus outside the room.
  8. Know how to, and when to sublimate their personal needs and priorities for the higher-level team needs.
  9. Take personal and team leadership accountability focused on performance seriously.
  10. Follow leaders with an understanding of how to best provide support for performance.

Until you’ve lived it, you really can’t understand it.

Give a call if your team needs help achieving it.