Safety Coaching

Posted by on July 26, 2013 in Testimonials | Comments Off on Safety Coaching

In my role as Plant Engineer at a large food-producing factory, my partnership with Chad has been invaluable.  I am responsible for all environmental, health, and safety metrics at our location, and our results were taking a nosedive in 2009.  We engaged Chad to help us understand how our safety culture was pulling down our safety results, despite the fact that we had highly-regarded safety systems and standards.  Chad’s objective approach, coupled with his energy and expertise in affecting large-scale cultural transformation, accelerated recovery of our results, and more importantly, set the stage for continued excellence.  He guided us to the understanding that leadership owns the culture, and we must accept that, process it, model the new behaviors, and only then begin to lead the rest of the organization toward the new culture.  Speaking from experience, I would recommend Chad and his team for any organization looking to consistently improve results.  His ability to coach at the executive level is top notch!