Retail Boost

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The client was restructuring from a wholly-owned retail chain to one that offered franchises and maintained only a small portion of the existing chain.  During the transition, they needed to sustain and increase sales, as well as tap the energy and enthusiasm of the employees – even in the face of significant change.  Controlling turnover was critical for maintenance of the chains quality and performance while in the process of wooing franchisees.

The leader took on the challenge and chose to engage the workforce in a new and different performance system structure that was more enabling, easier to understand and fun.  This stabilized and allowed for sales to grow as well as quality to be maintained.

The next step was to create a more engaging process for on-boarding and training of new employees that provided consistency and sustainable quality for the stores.  Every store should look and feel the same to customers.  A picture-focused process enabled these outcomes that was fun, easy to use and was transparent to the customer who saw it as a recipe book versus a training guide.

All in all, a success story in that the client changed their structure with minimal turnover, and no loss of sales, or quality.  In fact, quality improved.