Online Employment & Development Screening Assessment

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New Job Applicants:

  • Applicant screening is fast, easy and non-invasive.
  • Demonstrate to your applicants that you take recruiting very seriously.
  • Applicants also appreciate the speed, simplicity and professionalism of taking online screening assessments.
  • Applicants can take the online assessment at home.

Existing Employees:

  • Some of my clients assess existing employees for developmental purposes.
  • Managers can use the online assessment to help identify the best approach to manage, motivate, train and develop each employee.
  • Online assessment can also help to uncover potential performance problems and issues that should be addressed.  If you have an under performing employee, online assessment could help you develop an action plan.
  • If you have a high potential employee, online assessment will help you understand how to best lead, coach and manage that person wisely and how to look for similar traits in future job candidates.


  • The profile report provides ideas for managing the person, if hired.
  • Development suggestions are included so performance can be accelerated and maximized.
  • Suggestions for how to best manage and lead the person allow you to provide the most conducive environment for high performance.
  • Each new applicant profile is compared to the Job Profile for the position.  A percentage of match is provided indicating likelihood of success or failure in the role.
  • Online assessment is low-cost relative to similar assessment instruments available online.

Job/Position Profile:

  • We always complete a Job/Position Profile Form with you for each position you want assessed so you have a comparative report of position “fit” for the role.

Contact us for a trial run of the online assessment.  330-329-3137