NEOVET – A Cross-Sector Collaborative Start-up

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Thanks to Chad, a creative and original organization is readying to impact northeast Ohio in a powerful way. NEOVETS is a cross-sector collaborative that will improve the economies and attraction of the region by matching military families to the resources they need to call our community home. Chad’s coaching and leadership have put this exciting design on the launchpad.

Collaboratives are notoriously tough to manage, yet Chad’s style of organizing and delivering strategy, structure and support have kept it together and productive. He combines his preparation and delivery with humor and a subtle persistence to keep the groups involved engaged, productive and moving forward. Chad’s follow-up, too, is impressive.

On a personal level, Chad is invaluable. His coaching and support motivate me to keep moving forward without feeling that all I’m doing is taking steps leading to more steps. Chad makes sure I take responsibility for producing the desired end result. “Chief Catalyst” only begins to describe how Chad Cook can help you and your organization.

Wendy Matthews, MNO
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