Leading Change Can Be As Easy As Changing Your Socks

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My first employer insisted we wear dark suits and ties to work. One of my Masters students encountered a similar situation inIMAG0865 the financial institution where he was recently recruited to work.

He felt this was burdensome and old-fashioned (I agree).

So, he took action in a light and fun way to encourage, initiate and lead change. He wore mismatched and colorfully patterned socks to work under his suit pants.

Others noticed and commented and laughed and got the point. They began to follow the sock revolution and even had competitions for the loudest, most colorful, fun characters, etc.

Of course, management eventually noticed and discussed this ‘poking fun’ at the dress code as reflecting its’ antiquated and outdated expectations. Particularly for those who didn’t have to interact with clients, customers and other critical interfaces where professional attire was appropriate, a more relaxed dress code could be introduced.

The decision was made to permit business casual attire in the workplace.

Have you ever watched the First Follower YouTube? If not, watch it and reflect on what it takes to lead change. It can be fun!!!


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