Leadership & Management is All About Sustaining Change

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Leadership & Management is All About Sustaining Change

Now comes the balancing act!!

Engaging the head, heart and hands of people!

3.  In order to engage the people in your organization with the change you are envisioning, a well-thought out appeal to them is needed.  Initially, the appeal may be to the executive team only, so they can share the leadership load of cascading the message to the people in the organization.  Or, it may be that you can call an All Hands meeting to share your vision with all the people in your organization at one fell swoop.

Pre-work that is needed on your part is to combine rational, logical reasoning and emotional, passionate appeal in the form of a vision for change.

Engaging accountability and commitment of people!

4.  A process for involving and enabling people to become a part of your vision is critical if you want a commitment from each of them to invest themselves in the change.  Sustainability is impossible without this buy-in from the majority of your people.

This is accomplished via the process used to engage them with the understanding, validation and assumption of accountability for portions of the change process.  Appropriately called engaging leaders at all levels.

Sustaining the gain!

5.  Lastly, it’s all about managing the change while at the same time leading and modeling with energy and enthusiasm.  Drafting new roles, new behaviors, new plans, projects, activities and goals is the role of management, and if done well will incorporate input and involvement from all people as they identify what needs to be done (and they are willing to do) to make the future a reality.

Sustaining becomes the drumbeat meetings to review progress, provide feedback, recognize milestones, adjust plans, celebrate, etc. as you move toward the future state vision.

 Perseverance and tenacity are the ongoing need from leadership and management in repeating the vision, benefit and value in every communication with people.  As well as, in modeling the new behaviors and beliefs that the vision entails.

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