Leadership Basics

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Three Tenets of Leadership

Have a Vision for Change – Without a vision for how something could be different or better, there is no need for leadership.  Leaders lead others into new and different futures.

Leadership is all about experimentation, learning, risk and dynamism.  Management is all about efficiency, effectiveness, consistency and maximizing stasis.

Engage Followers – Without followers a leader is alone and stands little to no chance of making any changes that will stick.

Some faux-leaders think they can make change happen by themselves and then realize the change only lasts as long as they are present because unengaged doers neglect and ignore the change when the faux-leader is not present.

Create Focused Energy – When one or many followers are engaged and committed to achieving a vision for change they begin making things happen.  The leader must harness and align this energy such that work and behaviors stay focused on the collective outcomes agreed to for the vision.  Otherwise, chaos reigns and conflicts abound.

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