Increasing Your Influence With FOUR

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FOUR is an acronym for Framing, Openness, Understanding and Reciprocity

Skills that (when used together) result in Win/Win outcomes for working with others.

In todays world of global connections, fast changes and high expectations, your ability to work effectively with others to deliver the “best” solution for your client is vital for your success.

You all need to be on the same wavelength, have the same priorities, and all be committed and supportive of one another.

To combat these obstacles and assure that everybody is on the same playing field, understanding the same rules of play, and having clarity for how to make a goal, FOUR was created.

Framing is the sharing of the Big Picture or high level vision such that the playing field on which you are all players is clear, clean and understood.

Openness to others opinions, ideas, input and options for what the Big Picture actually looks like and what the rules of the game are is a necessity requiring withholding judgment and truly listening to what others have to say.  It is also asking good questions and behaving in such a way that others feel valued and encouraged to contribute their ideas and input.

Understanding is the ability to reflect back what others have shared in an understanding manner.  They need to believe that you really do understand their point or view, priorities, and feelings regarding the task at hand.

Reciprocity is the give and take over time that results in sustainable performance together.  It manifests itself as offering in-process options and alternatives focused on others desires and outcomes even in the face of not achieving your personal goals in the moment, but contributing to the ultimate big picture vision you both have for the future.

Although the FOUR skills are all required to make true collaboration and partnering take place, they are not necessarily sequential in nature and can be applied as needed and when necessary to achieve or maintain collaboration.

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