Hair Salon Collaboration

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Success Stories | Comments Off on Hair Salon Collaboration

She owned and operated five salons and wanted her salon managers to help her lead the organization.  She already had a collaborative vision for where she and her managers wanted the salons to be in the future, and even had priorities and high-level strategies for getting there.

The opportunity resided in engaging her managers by sharing the big picture and involving them with creating the plans for WHAT they would focus on and HOW they would behave in achieving the goals.

In a planning meeting, the owner shared (with passion) her desires for the future of the business and asked the managers input and ideas about the vision.  They jumped on board and provided ideas, insights, concerns and a lot of questions about how this could be achieved.  She then involved them in notestorming ideas about actions that could be taken to make the vision a reality.  They joined in again and helped develop a plan that all of them could live with and support.

They then led (as a management team) a town hall meeting with the employees to share the strategies, vision and plans and ask for the employees ideas and thoughts about how to make them better.  This was done through breakout groups by salon.

The owner is now visiting her salons and providing feedback, recognition, support and coaching to the plan that assures ongoing continuity, consistency and sustainability because she is constantly igniting energy and engagement within the workforce.