Entrepreneurial Expert

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A small painting company with two crews was being run by the owner.  He wanted to grow the business and had tried for many years without great success.  The way he operated his business was to make all the sales, write all the proposals, order and deliver all the supplies to each job, inspect each job daily, lead the final walk-through with the customer and collect the money for the job.  Then at night he did the books, marketing, networking, etc.  He was at his max and could not grow the business because he was the bottleneck.

In order to grow, he needed to first have a focus beyond the day-to-day delivery of services.  He drafted a vision and identified growth strategies to be shared with the two crew leads.  He shared his vision and strategies with the leads and asked if they could help him by suggesting how the strategies could be implemented.

The crew leads jumped on board and made suggestions for how these could be implemented as well as asked to be more involved.  The owner helped them to understand the value (WIIFM) for them if they could grow the business and consistently deliver quality services.  It’s important to notice that he did not offer them more money, but talked about stability of income, potential for group benefits, more work, and helping him with the final walk-throughs on the job, etc.

With this new focus and understanding, he stands to double his business in three years and add an additional crew or two to cover the expanded work.