Chad’s Method

• Every organization is unique!

fingerprintMeetings with strategic leaders to identify knowledgeable stakeholders at all levels in the organization is critical for gathering information to understand how the organization is currently operating.
Through interviews, focus groups, survey tools and a review of organizational structure and performance documents, an aggregated and synthesized current state report is created.

This report reflects the lenses, filters, views and beliefs that underlie why the organization is operating as it is today. It also provides a foundation for the way leaders would like to have the organization operate in the future.

The report is then reviewed and analyzed in a facilitated session by the strategic leadership group. The vision for the future with strategies and actions, are generated to respond to the information shared. The outcome of this process is a collective, focused and clear picture of the gap that must be closed, in order to achieve the future vision.

As a catalyst for the deployment of the strategies and plans agreed to, Chad works with leaders to provide and deliver techniques, tools and templates for achieving the vision and building sustainable performance.

The coaching process focuses on:
• Leader communication and deployment
Execution of the vision and master plan begins here with targeted business and people skills for individuals, and help for the company to perform at it’s best.
• Leaders engaging followers
Engagement through the leaders actions, give confidence that the plan will work.
• Competency development
Addressing capability gaps, individual or organizational, helps provide a sound foundation for moving forward.
• Behavior modification and habit changes
Increasing interpersonal impact, insures that changes are focused, smoother and more productive.
• Process structuring, restructuring and implementation
Improved efficiency is desirable and needed in any organization to compete effectively.
• Facilitation
This is it! Facilitation helps unlock the answers that reside within the organization.
• Constant follow-up
Follow-up insures adherence to plans and the timelines required for disciplined achievement of your desired outcome. Create the drumbeat.
Chad’s plan is guaranteed to have significant performance improvement outcomes.