Results: Review the Stories for Specifics

Accelerated Results – Reduced cycle time for major projects (Product lines, project teams, restructuring, reorganizations, globalizing,…) reflected in measurable results from timelines, annual cycles, comparisons to past practices.

Employee Engagement during significant changes allowing for smoother transitions and evolution with less turnover and dis-satisfaction within the workforce.  Reflected through Engagement Surveys, interviews, focus group feedback.

Sustainable Outcomes that endure and are embedded in the fabric and systems of the client organization.  Residual capability applied without coaching required.

Leadership Capabilities that are applied to future and parallel changes and transformations undertaken.  Strategic elevation, balance of attention (Task/People), succession, evolution, systems perspective.  Sustainable results maintenance.

Competency Development for leaders, employees and the organization in the areas of strategic and annual planning, communication, performance metrics, progress monitoring, coaching, constructive feedback, constructive conflict, influence, praise and rewards, positive reinforcement, training, …  Personal performance observation and feedback, and performance reviews reflect these results.

Organizational Performance – Sales, margins, customer satisfaction, retention, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, leadership, teams,…  Business metrics improved.

Personal Performance – Career, education, accountability, commitment, future-oriented, new roles,…  Personal feedback and observed ability applications.

Culture Change – Innovation processes, creativity, systems alignment, behavior change, process shifts, artifacts and stories, survey and assessment indicators of change, …

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