Catalyzing The Two Aspects of Performance to Maximize Outcomes

business vision and creativityFocus on the TASK & PROCESS Aspects of Performance
As a generalization, there are two factors that impact performance:

  1. The task or focus of “what” needs to be achieved.
  2. The process or focus of “how” it will be achieved.

Both factors are necessary for maximum performance. Think of it as a yin yang where the imbalance creates dissonance and confusion when either side of the equation is overly emphasized or held as a priority for long periods of time.

Chad Cook has the expertise and experience to build awareness of performance imbalance and identifying opportunities for regaining the balance necessary for high performance.
Typically, the imbalance has crept in unintentionally and either the task or the process components have been eroded in some manner.

Sometimes the cause of the imbalance is growth that has added complexity, or change such as a new software system, new product mixes, acquisition, etc. Whatever created the imbalance, has become a “wicked problem‟ with no clear solution at hand.

First, we identify the issues that are causing the imbalance.

Second, we catalyze leadership action, focused on creating and engaging the organization with task and process strategies for resolution of the issues.