Acquisition Assimilation or Merger Mania

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Success Stories | Comments Off on Acquisition Assimilation or Merger Mania

A merger of competitors had been consummated a year prior and we received a call to help them with accelerating the process of assimilation as well as accelerate a significant project that was already underway.

As it turned out, the project was focused on integrating the two product lines and supply chain processes to get the best from both company’s existing systems.  The plan was already in place and ready to operationalize but there was resistance from both sides in the merger to changing their systems.

Through working with the executive leader who was accountable for delivering the synergies promised from the merger, we coached her in drafting a vision and strategies for accomplishing the integration desired.  Coaching was provided for how to have the desired impact leading to employee engagement and accountability for making the plan take place.

The project was delivered on time, the investors were satisfied, the financial community was astounded and she was a hero.