Leadership Is All About Change!

Whether the change is stimulated by a personal vision for a better future, or it’s cascaded from above, it’s all about change.

  1. The first challenge is to create a collective understanding of what is going to change.  First, you’ll need to clarify the current way work gets done in your group.  This is so you and the team will have a good understanding of the specifics that will be focused on regarding what has to change and what doesn’t have to change.

Remember, in the current state of operations, everything is stable and everybody feels good about their ability to do the job in an efficient and effective manner.

You are about to disrupt this equilibrium and create chaos!

2.  Developing a solid understanding, and commitment, to the future state and how it’s different from the current state, is the next challenge for the leader and the team members.  This is done to elicit energy and enthusiasm for the personal and collective changes that will be required in order to achieve the future state.

All the people on your team (including you) will be changing some of their daily work practices and habits that they are currently familiar with and feel safe and comfortable performing on a daily basis.  Without their buy-in and commitment, their motivation to persevere and persist in learning new practices and personal habits for performance will quickly wane.  The change will then transition back to the old way of working because they loose the future state vision for change, and their motivation for change diminishes with this lose.

This isn’t the end!  It’s just the beginning!

Wow!  Now we have engaged and committed people who are feeling challenged – what does the leader have to do to sustain the change?

This is worthy of another blog to discuss.  Chad@cookconsulting.biz or 330-329-3137

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