Encouraging Innovative Ideas

Where do you begin?

Assessing your Culture of Innovation is a start.

First, assess executive leaderships modeling of innovative behaviors, such as asking “what if…?” questions and facilitating “brainstorming sessions”, or maybe publically sharing a story of an innovation they had which failed to deliver.

Then, take a look at the messaging and communication focused on innovation.  Are there positive communications encouraging innovation written and posted?

  • Is there a written strategy focusing on innovation in some form?
  • Where is the wall of innovators?
  • Who’s name and picture is in your monthly paper as recognition for innovative ideas?

What tools, competencies and processes focused on innovation do you intentionally emphasize?

  • Are people taught how to brainstorm, Notestorm, mindmap, solve problems creatively?
  • Do you have a process for continuous improvement, problem solving, cost reduction, product/ service ideation?

How do you measure innovation?

  • #’s of ideas?
  • Revenue generation from new products/ services or product service line extensions?
  • #’s of people contributing ideas?

How do you value innovative ideas?

  • Monetary, “Thanks”, recognition, time off, support for implementation, …?

How do you deal with innovative risk-taking that fails to deliver?

  • Ignore, avoid, criticize, encourage, congratulate, share?

How “empowered” are people to innovate within your organization?

  • Layers of approval, team focus, budgeted by function/ department/ group, ideate but don’t innovate?

How do you expose your organization (people) to new and different ideas?

  • Benchmarking visits, tuition reimbursement, conferences, webinars, speakers, client visits, …?

What innovative ideas and contributions have you introduced in the past three months?

  • 50, 25, 10, 0?

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