Elevating From Technical to People Leadership

How Are You At Leading People? – Part 3 

To lead others effectively you have to share, involve, engage, plan, delegate, empower and follow others as they accomplish what they want to contribute to the shared vision you have as a collective force for change.

Share – Share your vision for the future and what you see as components within it.  It’s always good to compare and contrast your vision with the reality of today such that others understand the gap and journey necessary to make the vision a reality.

Involve – Ask questions to help others process your sharing.  What engaged them about your vision, concerned them?  What questions do they have?  What changes or adds might they suggest to your sharing based on their knowledge and experience?

Engage – Ask them to share their understanding and insights about the vision in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere of learning and openness.  Be flexible and enable adjustments and changes to take place in your vision such that it becomes more acceptable for them as a vision for the future.  If non-changeable aspects are encountered explain why they are unchangeable and let others make the choice if they choose to accept these aspects of the challenge.  If you don’t allow for creative and innovative ways in which they can contribute they will disengage as followers.  Keep an open mind and door to alternatives for engaging everybody; to a 100% level or to some extent greater than 80%.

Plan – Together identify high-level strategies that will be necessary to achieve the vision.  You may have drafted some of these and shared them already in the Share Step such that they were vetted in the involving and engaging questions.  If not, do that now.

Delegate – Ask for others to support you with aspects of the journey to the vision.  Review commitments your supporters and followers committed to achieving.  When support is not offered, ask if they would be willing to do something specific in support of helping achieve the vision.

Empower – Establish a follow-up call, email or meeting for updating of progress and reporting out of needs, for all concerned.  They need to see and hear what progress is being made toward achieving the vision.  They also need to know if additional help from them is needed to make it happen.  You provide support by keeping in touch, scheduling check-ins, creating supportive relationships, etc.  The drumbeat of progress.

Follow – We all like attention when it supports what we do well and encourages us or helps us when we are struggling.  As the leader, you must stay in touch with us as we perform and make changes take place.  As a leader of people, you need to be aware of our successes and celebrate them, as well as be aware of our needs and support us through them in a way that builds our capability for future performance.  These things cause us to feel good about ourselves, our capabilities and increase our willingness to take risks as we move forward.

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